Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mithya Unveiled!

Last weekend, I hopped in to watch Rajat Kapoor's movie, Mithya. The cinema hall seemed virtually empty but that didnt deter me. I was told the movie is a rare type to watch. I decided that yes, it is good to watch a different movie once in a while.

This thriller was like a rollercoaster ride. Till the end, I had no clue about the twists and turns although something about the way the movie portrayed the characters failed to touch my understanding. The characters seemed lost in the sobering, uninspiring screenplay and the often quoted crass jokes that peppered every body's mood once and again.

VK, the protagonist is played by Ranvir Sheorey, who is definitely not my favorite by any means but he convincingly plays the role of an ambitious, aspiring Bollywood extra who likes to rehearse Hamlet using his bedspread as a cloak. His dream is to eventually become a hero in a Bollywood movie but his life is suddenly changed when he gets caught amidst two mob gangsters internal war, shooting, dishum, dishum, dishum. How i hate guys fighting and spilling their guts out for whatever it is they fight for!

To top it all, VK loses his memory and becomes the head of a gangster's family simply because that guy looked exactly like him! Well, the family scene turns warm as toast as Sheorey reveals a rare goodness in this new avatar, donning the pride of being a father to kids who are not his but poor guy doesnt even realize it. He is caught in an illusion that seems unbreakable. His life shatters when the duplicity is discovered. He is kicked, beaten and spat at in every corner. Even in his worst moments, he believes the new life he had briefly experienced was truly his. He refuses to believe that it has all been a carefully planned sham. His struggle to understand what is real and what is an illusion travels with him till his sad, untimely end when at that moment when death strikes, he realizes who he really is.

I liked that end. I think Death alone has the power to give us that wake up call in life and remind us of who and what our life was all about. Everythingelse is mithya. Think about it.

Vinay Pathak, Saurabh Shukla and Naseeruddin Shah play interesting roles in the movie while Neha Dhupia soaks in the sun, wears polka dotted scarves and sulks most of the time through her funny looking beach wear dresses.

Despite its lackluster performance at the box office, it isnt a bad idea to watch this movie becaause it is a funny thriller that gets you confused in the end and when the end finally arrives, you realize there was nothing to be confused about in the first place!


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