Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mumbai Rains Through Twitter

This year 2009, the Mumbai monsoons flooded Twitter. Being far away in Delhi, it was an amazing experience to get minute by minute update of the Mumbai rains. So, I collated my learning from the tweets.

Here are the top ten things I learnt from tweets on the Mumbai rains:

1. Water logging

2. Loads of muck

3. Traffic jam

4. Trains running very slow

5. Office goers on the road

6. Auto guys complain there's traffic (in Mumbai?!)

7. Some one gimme a lift on the way/ take me home

8. Disaster management cell nos. Does someone have it please?

9. Opportunist marketers bombarding

10. Congestion and detour

I would have loved to mention the names of all those who sent updates on Mumbai rains but that would occupy pages and pages so i am keeping it simple by saying: Thanks Tweeples!


rahul said...

yup twitter has certainly added a new dimension to the way we get news updates..they just bombard us with it :)

GentleLavender said...

Thanks Rahul. What you pointed out is correct. Keep the comments coming:)

Deepti said...

Twitter has changed the way people view the world!! :)

GentleLavender said...

You are right, Deepti. It's definitely changed the world and how we reach out across boundaries to grow, share and experience new things together.


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