Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Thank You Note that Comes from the Heart

When my sister was admitted to the labor room, I felt my heart burst inside with fear and tension. I had never felt so much fear in my life, ever before. I could not even pray properly because my mind was full of anxiety so I knew I had to share it with the people I trust. I know that Twitter is used for business purposes, PR and marketing but I use it to share my world, my thoughts and my dreams, with these wonderful people online, whose tweets make me smile and sometimes cry. I wasnt sure if anyone out there would care to read tweets on a lazy Sunday but they did. Amazingly.

Within seconds, I got prayers, good wishes and reassurances from people across the country and the world. They are people I don't know. I haven't met most of these wonderful, caring people. I don't know their nationalities, their religions, their addresses or their identities. What I do know is that their prayers made it possible for a baby to come into this world safe and sound, with his mother. Believe me, my family and I thank you all, not just for the kind reassurances, but for your unconditional prayers. We believe that your prayers made a powerful difference.

Thank you all:


Realin said...

Hey this is sweet :)

Petty Witter said...

I know just what you mean. I was really reluctant to join the blogging community as I thought real bonds couldn't be formed with people you had never met and probably never would meet - how wrong I was.
Best wishes to mother and child - boy or girl?

GentleLavender said...

Thanks, Realin. I hope you visit again.

GentleLavender said...

@Petty Witter: My sister has a boy. I too connect at an emotional level with all my blogging friends. I think its a symbiotic relationship.

Thanks for asking and please visit again.


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