Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Humble Tribute to My Favorite Director - Venu Nagavally

This morning, the news of Venu Nagavally’s demise stunned and devastated me, though my only connection with him was through his brilliant Malayalam films. Though an actor, it is the director and script writing abilities of this great artist that made me his staunch fan. Being the son of a noted writer, Nagavally S Kurup, it is perhaps a priceless genetic inheritance that endowed Venu Nagavally with the unique insights of a fine writer, impeccable film making style and attention to making entertaining movies that did not lose compassion and human values in a very touching way.

It is from Twitter that I got to know about his demise and the tweets were filled with sadness from Malayalis across the world, who recalled some of his finest movies that are still so popular, such as Sukhamo Devi, his first directorial venture.

There are many movies of Venu Nagavally that I admire and love to watch several times over. I am sure most Malayalis feel the same about his films. I want to touch upon a few movies directed by this great man, that have deeply entertained and influenced many of us who enjoy Malayalam cinema. However, that will be something I would do separately and not in this post.

No doubt, Venu Nagavally will live through the films that he created for us and the messages that he wanted to resonate in the society. I believe that no artist, whether a writer, director, or singer, really dies, because their works live on and through those works, these artists continue to breathe and resonate with us.

My humble prayers and salutations to this great artist, writer and director. May the soul of this great artist rest in peace.

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