Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kerala: An Enchanting Temptress

To me, Kerala is an enchanting temptress, a palette of different cultural and regional experiences. The cosmopolitan culture of Kochi is totally different from the traditional, time honored traditions of Palaghat or the warm hospitality of Malabar or high business, commercial and political melodrama that is a part of Kottayam with its mostly Christian influence or the slighly rigid, no frills life that derived its sustenance from the government based structure and culture of organized life in Thiruvananthapuram. Each place has its own beliefs and cuisine that are distinct and ethnic and different from other parts of Kerala.

My friends and cousins in each different city of Kerala teach me something interesting and sometimes disagreeable about the place and its people. It would be wrong to say that every city in Kerala is perfect. That is not true at all but each and every place in Kerala offers a distinct cultural experience. Of course, it could be true of all cities and places in India but Kerala occupies a very special place in my life as that is where my story begins.


Hammad A Khan said...

so want to visit this beautiful State someday...while no doubt there are dark sides to it and a nefarious social psychology regarding few issues, Kerala at its purest and rawest is a dream place, its like a complete bite of Banofy after Chicken Florentine...:) :)

R. Ramesh said...

i guessed your lawyer connection but dint know u r doctor daughter hehe cheers ya..:)

Suja Sugathan said...

Nice post..that's true every part of Kerala has a distinct cultural features

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

@Hammad - Yes, there are many dark sides to Kerala but it is also the perfect place for dreamers, poets and artists too.

@R Ramesh - Ya, thanks sir.

@Suja - True.


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