Saturday, November 20, 2010

5 Bizarre Things That I Did This Week

My life is seriously turning bizarre. Here 's a recap:
  1. I spend a whole day with a bunch of flirtatious young Italians who kept clicking my photographs while I was trying to talk some sense into them about India and they would keep asking me ridiculous questions to keep me talking every time I stopped talking. Finally, I gave a bow and walked away becafuse I was wondering whether they think I am mad. Not that India doesn't have mad people in the country, just look at us - the kind of mad people we elect to positions of power.
  2. There was a really high profile meeting in one of Gurgaon's five star hotels and I got to know about it pretty late in the day. So, here I go, wearing my worst looking orange-peach kurtha and jeans that look torn, to the hotel. Obviously, the people out there were dressed to kill but they probably thought I am fashionable because they talked to me like a normal person while I wanted the ground beneath my feet to swallow me up! Of course, it was worse that I was late and therefore when I entered, every eye was on me, questioning how dare I be so late when even VVIPs reached on time. Well, dear friends, VVIPs don't travel on metros. Working moms like us do:)
  3. I traveled by metro at about ten in the night all by myself after a meeting in Gurgaon. I was scared to death coz I was on my own. The best part was the metro was filled with hundreds of young girls who were very sweet to me and kept giving me advice about how to travel on the metro, considering that every time the metro stopped, I kept jumping up from my seat like a jack in the box. So, finally, a young girl tells me, "Don't worry, we have three hours to reach your station." That did it. I became paralyzed by just calculating at what time I'd reach home to my son and wondered what the hell am i doing!
  4. I have begun making a mental inventory of my real friends though there really is no such thing except for God, call me cynical if you must but I believe that my time and mission is precious. I dont want to waste my time with people who want to be losers by being mean. Some friends have misused my FB space to make up stuff about me and I can stand anything but deception from friends. Guess what I did? I hate to confess this but i have blocked them from FB because I'm better off without them in my personal space. I am not Mahatma Gandhi to turn the other cheek. I have feelings and I am tired of people who have nothing to do with their own time and therefore spend their time and effort on construing things about my life. Do me a favor, just check if we are still friends on Facebook.
  5. I never tell anyone these things. I did that, just now. Doesn't that seem bizarre in itself?


R. Ramesh said...

oh u charmed the italians the indian way..and sonia is charming indians the italian way..hehe..hey buddy u did the right thing abt deceptive friend on FB..even i d do the same..some friends r not actually friends...

sm said...

like the post

R's Mom said...

Hahahah! Bizzare it was was it :):) Loved the metro thingie about working moms and all :)Charmed the italians did you :)

Sonia said...

I loved this post ... truly! :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

@R Ramesh - the Italians were just being themselves i guess:) Abt deceptive friends, to be honest, it still hurts but i had to do it.

@Sm - thx

@R's Mom - Metro experience was an eyeopener. Felt a lot of admiration for all those young, hardworking gals. And Italians, well,:)

@Sona - Thrilled that u liked it, thanks!

Rekha Baala said...

hi i opened my food blog after a long time to revive it and saw your comment. a very very belated thanks. just went through your blog. very nice!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks Rekha, do visit again. I'd love to hear from you.


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