Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Jig! Best Compliments in 2010

Just because I am always smiling, it doesn't mean that I am always having fun. Life is a roller-coaster ride, with some awesome, happiness-filled moments and those that make it difficult to hide your tears. Still, it always feels good to look back at the year that was. 

For me, 2010 is the year that brought me more compliments than I've got in my life, me thinks. When things go wrong, I come back to read these words, not to feel 'egoistic' but to feel happier and confident.

So, here I am sharing with you some of the compliments that made me happy!

In 2010, the best compliment I've got is directly from Baba who told me, "I am happy with the work that you have been doing. Very happy." It meant a lot to me because I was always having doubts, "Does my work matter? Does it help anyone?" Swami's words intensified my efforts on Law Is Greek and I dedicate that to Him.

If at any point, you think that I am showing off, forgive me. 
That is not the intention.

                                           [Image Courtesy: Pixabay]

Okay, so here I am sharing these beautiful messages from some fine people:

God bless you in whatever you do, you will definitely succeed. You have my blessings always. - PH Parekh 

2. You are my Guardian Angel. When you are beside me, I feel as though my mother (who passed away) is right there with me. - P.R.

3. I love what you are is so important...great work and keep going.  - Actress Revathy

4. If someone criticizes you, they are the losers. They don't know how fabulous you are. You are the best. - Sangeetha (Yeah, that's my sis....the one who's my strength and strongest critic!)

5.  Your secret to looking good lies in your simplicity.  - Anshuj Shrivastava

6.  You are gorgeous as you are. Don't feel conscious in anyway. - Karthi Nair

7. You are too good for today's world.  People try to take advantage of your goodness. - M.S.

8.  It is a pleasure to talk to you because you listen, you understand and you ask the right questions in the right way. - Prof. Monnippally, IIMA

9. When you write about God, I really like to read it. - A.P.  

10. You are my favorite. You've inspired me a lot.  - Alka Nair

11.  You make others happy :)) Isn't that the best thing a person can get?  - K Sekher

Every one of these compliments, I hold close to my heart. Thank you, God.

2010 - A Mixed Year

For me, 2010 has been a 'mixed' year.

Here are some of the things I did and enjoyed doing in 2010 -

1. Getting to conceptualize a site with absolutely no idea of what it entails.
2. Travelling with my husband and kid in tow.
3. Changing career tracks midway.
4. Writing two manuscripts at the same time.
5. Spending good time with those I love back home.
6. Got a whole new wardrobe in Western and Indian wear! 
7.  Having conversations with top directors, CEOs, CXOs and top lawyers as if I talked to them all my life.
8. Learning to segregate friends from colleagues.
9. Renewing the relationships that were not growing before.
10. Committing my life's ups and downs to Baba's Will and Omnipresence in my life.

Here are some of the things I didn't particularly enjoy in 2010:

1. Discovering 'professional' friends who were not really 'friends.'
2. Not having enough time to spend with my parents.
3. Not being there for my mom's and my mom-in-law's birthday.
4. Not having met my sister and my nephew Vihaan when they were in Kochi. (work pressure)
5. Health concerns plagued me due to stress and tension.
6. Worrying about unproductive issues.
7.  Not being able to blog and tweet as often as I'd have liked.

What's your list?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Twinkle twinke little star

There are some people whose life feels so precious, perhaps because of the closeness and love which one feels towards them or their own contribution to transforming our lives in a remarkable way, Shivam has been one such experience in my life.

I love and miss Shivam deeply, more than words can say and with more frequency than my heart beat. 

Many Indian myths say that a good soul that has passed away can be seen by the loved ones  through a twinkling star in the sky. More than belief in the myth, it is for my own solace that  I look to the night sky to find such a twinkling star. The stars in my eyes turn into something that resembles rain when I think of him and all that could have been.

Tonight, I will not cry for Shivam. He has seen too much of it in the last two years.

Tonight, far from the skies, I want Shivam to see my smile. In a way, beyond the sky and the stars and the logic of life-death, it is God who decides life and death. We, mere mortals who can go to the moon and live there, will still not be able to grapple with the weight of some inexplicable decisions that are a part of divine will.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Let's Celebrate!

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons. I call it a season and not a festival or an occasion because it is not something you celebrate for  a day and then forget about the next day. It stays with you for a whole new season, bringing you hope, excitement and dreams of new beginnings. It takes you back to the good times that the year gave you and your loved ones. It brings you closest to those whom you love and care about. Anyone who has celebrated Christmas would know that it is totally unlike other festivals. It begins with one sentiment - love and that's why there is a feeling of magic and anticipation in the air when people sing Christmas carols and sing together, burying their otherwise egoistic differences and conflicts.

Wish you a very merry, happy xmas!

And hey, don't forget to bite into that yummy piece of plum cake - its just too delicious, so don't skip it!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the way...a dash of fun

This October, my parents had taken me to Guruvayoor Temple as it had been three years since I went there. I love going there. On our way back, we were really tired and we stopped at a small teashop to have tea and pazhamporis. It was yummy. The tea shop overlooked the waters and there were chinese nets all around. Some fishermen were in their canoes, waiting for some fresh catch. I showed Adi how beautiful it all looked and he was so fascinated, seeing so much water around.  He didn't want to come away and I was tired but excited to see my little boy's joy too. Dad said, let me click your pic together and Adi was saying something to Dad in the, that is this pic.

My Heroes in Action

My two heroes are in this pic.

Sanand and Adi love to play cricket. In college, Sanand used to love playing this game and it used to irritate me because it meant he would spend less time with me:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Friend from another Place called Twitter

Most people ask me what it takes to be popular on Twitter. I say that straight from the heart tweets never fail. It inspires, motivates and yes, it brings you friends on Twitter like nothing else does. 

It was purely curiosity that got me glued to Twitter two years ago, but I nearly gave up tweeting till Sekher came along the Twitter path.

It was June 2, at around 4 in the evening. I remember it because I had reached Kochi from Delhi that evening and a friend from Twitter introduced me to Sekher through a tweet. What followed was a series of funny, engaging tweets. I found myself looking forward to these witty, Mallu conversations all the way from another continent, which is where Sekher was at the time. It was like discovering a younger brother, far away somewhere.

For two years, and continuing, the tweets were usually about food, what sis Simi made for dinner and things like that. Twitter is not always about marketing your stuff. For me, it isn't. For me, twitter is special because of the awesome friends I've made there. Not kidding, this circle of friends increased and increased naturally and I know that if I need any help from any part of the world, all I need to do is just tweet.

But somehow, somewhere, it all began with Sekher, so that is why I thought I must give him the credit!

Sekharaaa, my dear friend, thank you!
(Biryani poratey, maashey? Free aayitu korey pukazhthiyathalley:)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

German Christmas Market: What Fun, What Learning

At the German Christmas Market this morning, it seemed as if the Who's who in Delhi were there. Of course, we were an exception:) The German Market had caught everyone's imagination, I believe. There were hundreds and hundreds of Indians in the queue, mostly with kids who seemed excited as if they were going to visit another country. To be honest, I imagined myself treading off to Germany myself, not knowing what to expect and not knowing why I felt so fascinated. There were foreigners everywhere. They had that hippy, badly dressed look while we Indians were decked up to kill..whom, i have no idea.

Women were dressed like Bollywood stars, so many diamonds flashing all over the place and of course, the most expensive sunglasses being sported by women. Indian women, I must emphasize. Well, believe it or not, there were more Indian women with kids out there who were really basking in the sun with pitchers full of golden colored German beer and drinking from it as cooly as I drink water.

Don't mistake me for a saint yet, okie? How my son percieves me is very important to me. I will never say or do anything that influences my son to think that a particular action or habit is acceptable because his parent does it. Therefore, I don't drink beer and never have.

The only time I do drink is when it is Christmas Eve and that too, a glass of wine, nothing more. I've always loved the taste of wine because my mother makes wine for Christmas though we are not Christians. At no other time, do I feel tempted or interested to drink anything that has alcoholic content. So, while I found myself wondering how these gorgeous Indian moms managed to look so damn cool drinking away to glory, I spend my time at the kids section. It was awesome. The hot dogs were tasty and served with some potatoes cooked in mustard sauce. I liked it though it tasted funny. There were hot waffles being made and several German bakeries that served German bakery items but I wasn't so keen about it. What interested me was the kids play area. There were German kids, Chinese kids and Indian kids and a whole bunch of other foreign kids playing together in total harmony.

There were two areas for kids. One had the typical big slide that kids love to play in  and the other had the really fun area - I would it call it the clay arena....fancy isn't it? Well, lots of clay, sand and mud were made available for kids to mix and match, play with, and stuff. It was amazing to watch kids who had come with fancily dressed parents in Rolex watches and sporting solitaires get down into the mud and play in the mud and come out looking no less than street kids...the only difference is they paid to enter:) The really interesting part is that Indian parents had that very cold, irritated and kept saying things like "hey, dont get that shirt dirty, those are branded stuff, darling" while the foreigners kept encouraging their kids to do what they wanted. So, if one of their kids fell or had a problem with another kid, they didn't rush to take charge. They let the kids learn and explore the social world. I admired that though I am not so cool as they are.

There was one boy whom Adi had a problem with. Adi went to play in the Clay arena as I call it and this kid said something bad to Adi. Adi didn't understand it but he knew this boy was being rude and he told me. I got mad. I went straight to this kid and asked, "Whats your problem?" He pretended not to hear me and then said, pointing Adi, "He can't play here...this is my side." I said, firmly, "All kids can play here. It is not your private property." I looked at this kid straight in the eye and was firm. He shrugged and gave space to Adi. Then Adi played for at least an hour and half and enjoyed himself.

I was not wrong. This boy was a complete bully. Two little very cute American girls, aged six and two years, came to play in the same area. Their parents were looking on. This boy pushes the girls physically to shove them away and frighten them from playing in the area he occupied. I wanted to rush to help those little girls but their parents were watching and I thought they wouldnt appreciate it if I interfere. It made me really mad that this boy took a handful of mud and threw it into the two year old girl's lovely hair. If I had been her mother, I think the cops would have had to put me in jail coz I'd have totally lost it. This girl's parents were calm and they took the girls away from where this guy was. And then, when  one of their girls behaved badly to another Indian kid, the American mother went over to the Indian mom and said, "I am so sorry she behaved this way. I am really sorry."

That was commendable. I didnt see any Indian moms displaying that kind of responsibility in owning up when kids misbehave. It was more like "If my kid behaved badly, your kid asked for it, I am sure." That was the general attitude.

The German Christmas Market was fun, expensive and not exactly an out-of-the world experience. What I liked was to see children from many different nationalities sit together and play and sing. It gave me hope that maybe the next generation will truly be global citizens and live without terror and enmity across boundaries.

A Memorable Sunday Morning Indeed

This pleasant morning, we went to the Supreme Court early morning, where my husband had an early morning conference. Jyotiraditya, whom we call Adi, played in the lawns right in front of the Supreme Court. Truly, it was a beautiful sight and experience. The splendor of India's greatest and supreme institution that safeguards and upholds the Rule of Law and delivers justice with soverign power, cannot be described in words. Not everyday can one get this golden opportunity, to soak in the sun and enjoy such beautiful, peaceful moments in front of the country's iconic institution.

We sat and played a lot under the trees.  Birds were singing. It was so quiet that we sat for at least three hours, playing, talking, singing and finally, reading chapters from Bob the Builder, a book that Adi has taken quite a fancy to.

Then, we went to the German Christmas Market, at Nyaya Marg.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rakta Charitra 2: Suriya at his Best, Title Could've Been Somethingelse

I can't remember the last time I watched a Ram Gopal Varma film. It is only because I adore the Tamil star, Suriya that I decided to watch the Ratka Chartira 2. The theater had just about fifteen people, and with that number, just two women. To be honest, that felt sad but I think the title could have been a lot milder...I was really very hesitant to watch a movie with this kind of title because I thought the content may be worse...but I had some sense of faith in Suriya, knowing the kind of films that he has done before.

The first part of the movie starring Vivek Oberoi was quite gory but not as bad as I expected it to be. I was quite impressed with Vivek Oberoi's body language and portrayal of the character he represented. He seemed to bring that character to life and that wouldnt have been easy. A lot of hard work has gone into making that character work in this movie.

Having said that, I'd say Suriya outshone Vivek Oberoi.  The dialogues he has are few but his eyes are so expressive and he uses his expressions to convey his feelings beautifully. Ram Gopal Varma has brought out the best of Suriya's acting in this film, despite pitching him into a new landscape altogether. For a star who is celebrated like an icon in Tamil Nadu, taking this role must have been a challenge...but he's done it really well. I would have liked to see less violence and blood in this movie but it is still not half as bad as many other movies one sees without realizing that the movie's packaging cleverly omitted the violence quotient. Though i am not an RGV fan, I've got to say that I admire his guts - the fact that he doesnt show you one thing in his trailer and title to get you to somehow book your tickets and then, when you are there, the movie has an altogether different content which if you had known earlier, you would have not even bothered to go for it.

Once again, I've got to say this - hats off to RGV to bringing out Suriya's finest expressions...of anguish, of anger, of love and of helplessness. Nothing went over the top....perfectly balanced. What an actor!

December 2011 - this is the first movie I really liked watching and even now, that title makes me feel fear...because it sounds like a slaughterhouse.


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