Thursday, June 6, 2013

There's always a piece of cake in my heart for everyone

In my life, birthdays are an occasion when I feel life brings happiness all around. 

It wasn't that my father had tons of money to splurge. He didn't. But for Dad, his daughter's birthday was a most special occasion and he left no stone unturned to make it magical. Throughout the years while my sister and I grew up, our birthdays were celebrations that people looked forward to. Each year, the games would be different, the theme would be different and lots of excitement was tucked into the interior decor and the party theme, besides the guest list.

As we grew older, we mellowed down on the celebrations and now, we keep it as a strictly family occasion. Even then, Dad has a special way of making birthdays truly magical. 

This year, my in-laws wanted to celebrate my birthday at Kochi's Taj Gateway Hotel. My mother-in-law made my birthday a very beautiful experience. She knew that I had never been there at the Gateway Hotel before. She made arrangements and it was awesome to celebrate my birthday with family there. 

Here's the cake cutting pic we took at the Taj Gateway Hotel. 

My father is standing beside my seven year old son as I am about to cut the yummy cake. A friend on Facebook commented saying that it looks like I am opening a magic box here. Later when I looked at this picture again, I felt that indeed, this moment looks truly magical.

And I wanted to share this beautiful occasion with all of you because of the love, the warmth and the constant encouragement that you continue to extend to me by visiting this blog, reading my posts and giving me feedback. All of this means a lot to me. 

Thank you for being there.


Shilpa Garg said...

Belated birthday wishes, Swapna! Wishing you loads of joy and happiness, smiles and laughter, the whole year through!
Cheers :)

Vinaya said...

Hey here's a belated 'Happy Birthday' to you Swapna! Wishing you even more birthday celebrations with your family :)
God bless!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks so much Shilpa, your loving wishes mean a lot to me!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Hi Vinaya, Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. God bless you too:)

- Sugar Cube - said...

The pic is beautiful :) Belated wishes !

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