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Childhood Memories: Of playing 'Yes Boss', Yummy Nugget Frying Moments & lots more

Most of our childhood is stored not in photos but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet. - Alain de Botton

One of the most beautiful aspects about being a mother is that you are blessed with an opportunity to make your child's growing up years truly memorable. When my son looks back to hischildhood days, I truly hope that these are some of the things that he will remember fondly and perhaps share as part of the 'Down Memory Lane' conversations as an adult:
Childhood Memories: With a Mom who turns the tables on 'Son is King' syndrome
Fun times with an easy going mother, who despite struggling with 24X7 work related tasks, kitchen chores and other odd jobs, makes sure that she raises a confident, down-to-earth and positive thinking kid who often tries his hand at being a brat. This mom doesn't give him the 'Son is King and never at fault' routine and she grills him whenever it is required, asks him to pitch in to go buy groceries, ke…

Power of Love

Love without a price tag, conditions attached or the fine print of debt 

Before you start reading, let me confess that I was inspired by this post to write this:
I was five years old when I decided that I would never opt for an arranged marriage. I told my Father about this. As always, he smiled - that calm, wise smile and said, "If that's what you truly want."
A part of me was disappointed. From all the Malayalam movies I had seen till then, this would have been the moment I was thrown out of the family for bringing dishonor. But my father didn't seem to care.
Then the thought struck me....I must be an adopted child. That's why my father isn't angry or livid or upset or wanting to throw me out of the house.
So, when an occasion came up, I ask my dad  " Tell me the truth please. Ami an adopted child?" I realize now that adopted children are loved as much as natural children in Indian families now but back then, I re…

Anju Sundarikal Malayalam Movie Review: Dulquar Salman in full throttle, Fahadh Faasil disappoints

Anju Sundarikal, as the title suggests 'Five Beautiful Women,' is a poignant anthology of five short films that celebrate five female protagonists and their tumultous lives. These five films play on different themes and emotions, and on the whole, it is an interesting anthology.

Anju Sundarikal - Sethulakshmi The first film, Sethulakshmi, is a heart-wrenching portrayal of sexual abuse of a small girl whose hobby is to collect newspaper clippings of newly wed couples from newspapers and she embarks on getting a similar photograph taken of herself with her best buddy from school. What appears as an innocent wish is the honeytrap that leads the little girl to understand the meaning of fear. 
Each scene in Sethulakshmi seemed to tear into my heart, particularly in a scene where the photographer's hands and glance linger a tad too obscenely on the innocent, unsuspecting girl whose eyes are filled with fear. There is another scene where she is so frightened that she curls up at the…