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Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Find Your Story Idea with a Magic Blender (not Blunder!)

The best writers get their story ideas from crazy, unexpected places. If you don't believe me, read Stephen King's book 'On Writing.' You may also want to read my previous posts on 'How to transform a blank page into a chrysalis, a work of art' and 'What do you want from your writing?

So, what's still holding you back from exploring fabulous story ideas? 

Maybe the thought that there's nothing left to learn in a world where everything is written about already? 

This reminds me of an apt quote from Avvaiyar, "What we've learned is like a handful of earth, what we are yet to learn is like the whole world." Profound, isn't it?

If you are still on the lookout for story ideas, Barry has an answer for you and yup, it tucks in a dash of magic. Here you go:

Imagine you have a magic blender. And you carry it with you all day as you go about your life. And stuff falls into it: Sounds, names, words, smells, people, actions, everything. And every now and then, you stumble and hit the puree button and whatever’s in the blender at that moment gets pulped into one big, chunky mass. That’s an idea. – Barry Lyga 

(You can visit his website right here http://barrylyga.com/ & follow Barry on Twitter @barrylyga)


Asha said...

WoW, Swapna! you know avvaiyar? yes, i love her saying in tamil it goes- kattrudu kai lalavu,kalladhadu ulagaluvu. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You come up with different ideas in the blog which contains not only information, but also true inspiration! loving your posts...!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks Asha! So glad you liked the Awaiyar quote. I got to hear and understand these quotes, all thanks to Twitter!

@Anonymous: Delighted that you liked the different topics in Petals! The goal is to discover, explore and inspire. With your feedback, I am happy to know I am treading on the right track.

surbhi said...

Hey just came across your blog
Loving every bit of it!!!
Am a seeker and a work in progress. Love to write but usually find lots of excuses for not writing
Great job
God bless!!!


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