Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to overcome anger before it conquers you

There is anger everywhere - in relationships, in newspapers, in TV serials and channels, in business and so on. It is taking over our lives rapidly and growing faster and more dangerously than inflation!

So, why are we turning  into such an angry, intolerant society?

In Pandit Rajmani Tigunait's autobiography My Spiritual Quest and Life with Swami Rama (a candid account of a village boy's spiritual struggles in today's world), he shares an experience related to anger. You can read more Pandit Rajmani Tigunait here.

While studying in a Sanskrit school, there was a temple of the Goddess nearby and  he lived in one of its small chambers. He was very hungry and the domestic help at the temple purposely left rice uncooked over wet wood. A couple of other factors also contributed to worsen the situation.  In a fit of anger and hunger, he threw the rice at the face of the Goddess in the temple!

Ashamed and afraid about the consequences of what he had done, he tells everything to his Guru. His Guru said, "If you don't learn to control yourself, you will have to clean up the messes you make.

And then his Guru gave him priceless advice:
1. Find the cause of this inner unrest that created this emotional turmoil.
2. When you reflect on the subtle forces that caused you to lose your temper, you will find that unfulfilled desires are the cause of your anger.
3. The cause of anger was already there in you. The servant's behavior simply served as a spark. 
This experience conveys one important truth: Unfulfilled desires are the cause of anger. Find the cause if you want to control and master your anger.

Once you find the cause, you can  Take Charge of Your Anger!

Tell me how you deal with anger and angry people - what approach do you choose?

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