Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Want to make a change in your life? 3 simple ways to add joy to your life

We are all caught in a rut. [Do READ: Five Easy Ways to BOOST Your Confidence]

Crazy busy. Sometimes, we forget to breathe or taste what is on our plate. 

We check e-mails on our phones as we eat. We forget to laugh when our loved ones share a joke and we forget to smile. 

We are too busy to smile. [READ: Work, Love and Play like the Danes ]

Been there, done that. 

Here are the little things that I am doing for myself to change this:

1.  Breathe in, breathe out mindfully

Have you noticed how your breath changes when you are nervous or angry or upset about something? Watch your breath because it is closely aligned with your mind-body well being. That's the key to good health and happiness. The more you breathe in and breathe out mindfully, the happier you will feel. 

You will feel light all day. And when worry comes your way, make this your mantra - breathe in light, breathe out love. It works beautifully for me.

                                                                                        [Image: Unsplash]

 2. Don't disturb people and don't let people disturb you

With Facebook, Twitter and so many channels of communication, we experience a lot of "noise" from updates, tweets and so on. Most of the time, we are so busy "reacting" to posts or tweets that we fail to "listen" or "understand" the perspective of the other person. So many arguments erupt not because of an issue alone but our reactive approach to an issue. [READ: QUIET: The Power of Introverts ]

Ask yourself: Do I really need to react to this? How important is this to what I do in my life? 

Simply put, prioritize and pick your battles responsibly. This approach can do wonders to perk up your positive energy too.

3. Stop comparing yourself with others.

We beat up ourselves with constant inner dialogue about why we are flawed. Your life is your precious journey.

Each step of the way marks your unique strengths and abilities that set you apart from every other person in this Universe. 

Celebrate your uniqueness, the strengths that make you special and don't compare yourself with others at any phase in life. 

In this world, there is no other person like you. You are you. There's no one else. Remember that always. It's your strength. It's what makes you special.

Monday, October 19, 2015

'Amar, Akbar, Antony' movie review: Clean family entertainer by Nadirshah who tackles child abuse with sensitivity, like a seasoned director

Hard to believe that Amar Akbar Antony is Nadirshah's directorial debut. 

Like a seasoned director, Nadirshah brings together the most popular 'poster boys' of Malayalam cinema - Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Indrajith  - in a well-paced interesting comedy thriller. I liked the scene where the guys get drunk and they talk about how women are 'heartless' and men are all 'hearts.' Their versions of heartbreaks gives you a different dimension to how men feel about heartbreaks and break-ups. 

And yes, Nadirshah pulls it off almost effortlessly, getting many nuances right, especially in music and cinematography. 

'Amar, Akbar, Antony' movie review: Tapping into actors' talent
Director Nadirshah has also tapped into remarkable talent while portraying and bringing out the best in 'side characters' especially KPAC Lalitha, Srinda Ashab, Baby Meenakshi and Kalabhavan Shajohn whose performance was both touching and impressive as Jadayu Sabu. Ramesh Pisharody as 'Unni' is also good. 

Oh, there is the reckless, 'confident' biker Asif Ali too! He is the narrator, after all!

When the story steers from a bunch of guys whose dream is to visit Pattaya by pooling in their savings to the issue of child abuse, the impact is felt. That people need to observe their surroundings more responsibly and be prompt to report when things seem amiss is the key thrust of the script. 

Ignoring child abuse thinking that it is someone else's problem won't help the society to move forward in tackling the issue. However, the concept of mob justice is hard to accept too though it makes sense for the public to be told to react promptly without being indifferent.  

                                            [Image: Google]
I was impressed by the nuances that Nadirshah struck all the right notes and nuances in music, given that he has always demonstrated a passion for scaling new heights and trends in Malayalam songs right from his TV show days. For instance, the song which shows Prithviraj teasing girls has been sung by Vijay Yeshudas, reminding us of a similar once-popular song 'Maaney madhura karimbe' sung by Dr. KJ Yeshudas for a Mammootty starrer some decades ago. 

 The other song 'Premamennal' is a superhit - the lyrics, the way it has been sung and how the actors have spiced it up with their glamor quotient.
However, the most touching song was 'Yenno Njaaanende' by Baby Sreya. It was simple but soul-stirring.

Hats off to Sujit Vassudev who not only made us proud by capturing some rare and scenic vignettes of beautiful Kochi. I am delighted that Sujit Vassudev also appeared in a cameo in this movie as the celebrity cinematographer who orders for pizza delivery at home! And what a gorgeous home, it is! We Malayalis love such cameos, don't we? 

So, friends, go watch this movie in the theaters! And give a round of applause to Nadirshah!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

That Magical Feeling Stories Bring

 My 9 year old son and I have a "secret" bed time routine. 

Before he goes to sleep every night, I tell him a story.  But wait, I don't simply tell a story. During dinner, I build up some excitement and give him a clue here and there to keep him guessing about the stories I am going to tell him. 

Sometimes, I tell him two stories and a third one, if he hasn't slept by then. He loves mythological stories, especially of Arjuna and Pradyumna. Devarishi Narada has also become a recent favourite.

When he wakes up the next day, he loves to discuss those stories. 

You can imagine how that delights me.

Signing off now but I'd love to know about the routine you have in your life that makes moments more memorable.

Do write in. 


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