Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's the one delicious desi sweet that you miss?

I grew up outside India for many years - which also meant that while I got to eat exciting types of food (nope, sorry to disappoint you, not grasshoppers - I don't think I would be okay with it!), like crispy chicken in the basket or grilled Chambe fish, I missed out on some desi food options. My parents say that I was such a reluctant child when it came to eating food that I used to take two to three hours to finish a single meal, morsel by morsel! Not anymore....hahaha!

Tea-time snacks at home used to include a variety such as dhoklas, parippu vadas, unniappams, murukkus and cakes. Yes, that was my mom's happiest ''cooking days" sort of phase. She would whip up a new dish everyday and it would turn out so yummy that we would want more of it. Looking back, I can't help admiring my mother because I simply don't have that kind of consistency or energy to even try this on a daily basis. She did this for years while we were growing up outside India, which also meant that she had no domestic help to pitch in with any of the cooking!  


During college years, I used to go totally crazy over chocolate sundaes topped with caramelised nuts and dribbles of chocolate sauce. You won't believe this - now I cannot even taste chocolate sundaes without wanting to throw up. 

I guess I grew up...ROFL!

In Delhi, I simply love the taste of piping hot jalebis - the crunchy, juicy taste of jalebis - I have a feeling that you would find it irresistible too! In Kochi, there used to be a popular eatery called Bimbis, which was all the rage in the 90s for those who want to try out North Indian snacks and sweets. I didn't like their jalebis much - dry and flaky, not the real thing, I realise now. 

What's the one delicious desi sweet you miss so much that you'd love to binge on it

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